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Children @ Mt Carmel


Minister of Preschoolers


Virginia Taylor

Minister of Children

(Grades 1-5)

Sharley Davison


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Policies & Procedures

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Incident Report

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Registration Form

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Sunday School at Home

Jesus is Born

Read Luke 2:1–20. The angels sang about peace on earth.

Draw or paint pictures of what that might look like.
Pray prayers of praise to God for the JOY that Jesus brings to the world. Every day have family members take a photo of something that brings them joy. At the end of the week, look at all the photos and sing “Joy to the World.”
Create a treasure box using a small tissue box or something similar. Mary treasured the words of the shepherds.

What are you treasuring this Christmas season? Have family members write or draw pictures of what they treasure and put them in the box. Pack it up with your decorations and be prepared to look back at your treasures next year.

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