Children @ Mt Carmel

A Note from Virginia,

Hopefully you have noticed that we changed the look of the Children’s Page. It is designed in the shape of a cross that is centered around Jesus. Our goal is to see your children become disciples, or followers, of Jesus and we are focusing everything we do, including our web page, on that goal. Each month we will provide: opportunities for your child to read/hear God’s word; a prompt that will show them different ways to pray; time for fellowship; ways they can share God’s love with others (missions). You will be able to find it all right here, so visit often.


Use the Wednesday prayer list to pray for people in our church. Ask God to meet each person’s needs and to show you how your family can support your faith community.

There will be no activities or nursery for children on Mother’s Day. Spend the day with your mom pampering her and letting her know how much you love and appreciate her.



12th- Waylon Williams

14th- Ella Williams

22nd- Harrison Blanchard


Make or buy a meal or snacks to share with a neighbor or family at church. Include a handwritten note or drawing.  

Let the little children come to me...



Join us for In Person Sunday school on Sunday, May 16th at 4 pm under the shelter. Email to sign up.

God's Word

Read chapter 35 in All of Us: God’s Story for You & Me or Acts 2:41–47. How is our church similar to and different from the one in Acts?

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