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Children @ Mt Carmel

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DECEMBER 17th: Children can be in our 9am Christmas Cantata Service!  Participating is SUPER EASY; it'll take about 10 minutes.  Here's how....
1) Film in landscape (holding phone horizontally) and have each person in the video pick one of the following questions, read the question, and then answer it:
What does
joy mean to you?
Where have you seen joy in the last year?
What is the most joyful part of the Christmas story for you?

2) Email the video to or text 828-394-7697.
Need help filming?  Contact me at or 910-309-9796.  I'm happy to help!
DECEMBER 24th: Children will participate in the Christmas Eve Service!  Scroll down for more info.

Christmas Family Mission Opportunities

DECEMBER 11th: Families are baking and we know how your baked cookies can help our community grow stronger... Preschool of the Warm Heart (a mission of ours) is assembling and selling cookie trays.  They are now accepting donated baked cookies through December 11th.  Drop-off is in the church office.  Sounds like a sweet Christmas mission for your kids!
DECEMBER 24th: Ask your children to help you name people who might need a meal this holiday season (homebound, hardship, etc). Send those names to Deb Berry at and pray for those families with your children.


Sunday Worship

SUNDAY 12/10

We have two worship services each Sunday, one at 9am in the Fellowship Hall and one at 11am in the Sanctuary.  Be sure to grab a worship bag for your child prior to service!

Children who would like to help with prayer or announcements can email

Sunday Evening for Parents

After dropping off your children to their Sunday 5pm activities, parents are invited to gather for a little fun of their own.

Contact Drew Preslar at for more information.

Sunday School

SUNDAY 12/10 @ 10AM


A class where children have a voice and can meet other children their age.  It includes prayer, Bible study, and games/crafts that relate to our weekly topics.

Sunday Evening Dinner & Games

SUNDAY 12/3 @ 5PM-6:30PM

Children grades 1-5 are invited to eat together, play games, and share big during our Sunday evening activities.  Enter the upstairs children's room via the staircase at the back of the Sanctuary building.


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