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A Note from Virginia,

Hopefully you have noticed that we changed the look of the Children’s Page. It is designed in the shape of a cross that is centered around Jesus. Our goal is to see your children become disciples, or followers, of Jesus and we are focusing everything we do, including our web page, on that goal. Each month we will provide: opportunities for your child to read/hear God’s word; a prompt that will show them different ways to pray; time for fellowship; ways they can share God’s love with others (missions). You will be able to find it all right here, so visit often.

Sunday school for children is back—10-10:45 am.
Ages 4-just completed 1st grade meet in the Atrium off of the Preschool Hall.
Children who just completed grades 2-5 meet in the elementary classroom upstairs behind the sanctuary.

VBS Report and Slide Show, Wednesday, July 21st after Wednesday night supper. Wear your t-shirt and join us!

Children's Ministry
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Pray this week for people who feel left out and bullied. Also, pray for those who are not kind to us and ask God to help us forgive them.


Jesus often gathered for meals with friends and family, but he also welcomed those who were despised or pushed to the side. Talk about how your family table can become a place of invitation and welcome. Then give it a try. Let us know how it goes!

Let the little children come to me...



Play I Spy with your children spotting acts of kindness, love, and justice in your home, as you go for a walk, play at the park, or even watching a video.

God's Word

Read Luke 4:14-30. Jesus made the people in his hometown mad when he preached about how God helped foreigners instead of the Israelites. In Sunday school we talked about how God loves everyone, not just people who are like us. You can continue that conversation at home.

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