Mount Carmel is a church made up of people of all ages with a variety of backgrounds.  We offer two worship services every Sunday morning: 


The Altar, Contemporary Service 9:00am in the Fellowship Hall

At The Altar, a praise band plays contemporary Christian music.  The sermon is relevant and engaging.  Dress tends to be casual.  All are welcome.

Traditional Service 11:00am in the Sanctuary Building

The traditional service takes place in the church’s beautiful Sanctuary. Worship music features a choir accompanied by piano, organ, and occasional hand bells.  Well-loved hymns are sung.  The sermon is identical to that preached during The Altar.  Dress tends to be more formal.  All are welcome.


There is a sign language interpreter available during services.

At both services, there is a brief time of offering but no one is required to give.  Communion is regularly scheduled several times a year.  Baptism is performed upon request.

The church merges together for combined worship quarterly and for the many activities the church offers on a weekly basis, including Sunday school classes.


Classes for adults 10:00-11:00am


Children and Youth

Mount Carmel is a great place for children and youth.  Our kids range in age from infants to high school students. 

On Sundays, the church has a staffed nursey available during the 9am service for birth - 3 years old.  Preschool children, elementary aged children, and youth remain in the service until their classes begin at 10:00am