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Deacons are New Testament servant leaders elected by the church to serve in various capacities.  The Mount Carmel Diaconate is divided into three parts — Administrative, Missions and Ministry, and Congregational Care.  Deacons are elected by the church body based on their willingness to be lead by the Holy Spirit to help others so that they might have an abundant life and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Leadership Council

The Deacon Leadership Council is made up of the deacon chairperson and two representatives from each of the deacon teams (admin, mission/ministry, and congregational care).   The purpose of the leadership council is to provide direction to, and coordination between, the deacon teams.

Administrative Deacons

Administrative Deacons are responsible for Mount Carmel’s operational support and business needs.  They manage the church’s resources including finances, budgeting, personnel, facilities maintenance, etc.

  • Ben Berry

  • Roger Chapin

  • Will Hendrick

  • Dwight McAlister

  • Brandon O'Daniel

  • Debbie Prescott

  • Terry Prescott

  • Bob Rand

  • Eddie Williams

Mission & Ministry Deacons

Mission and Ministry Deacons reach out to both church members and our community through various mission projects and ministries.  Ministries are focused on the education, fellowship, and worship activities of the church.  Missions target our community through service projects such as collecting goods for local relief charities, growing produce in our garden to feed the needy, and reaching out to prisoners incarcerated in local institutions.

  • Will Atwater

  • Laura Campbell

  • Nicole Capps

  • Tara Clowes

  • John Davison

  • Taylor Dunham

  • David Hall

  • Jennifer Klingel

  • Caroline McLeod

  • Parrish McLeod

  • Cheryl Neville

  • Phil Ramos

  • Doug Roberts

  • Anne Stewart

Congregational Care Deacons

Congregational Care Deacons provide direct support for members of our church family.  These deacons engage visitors and new members, assist members during times of crisis, and act as a prayer team.  They serve as an extension of our staff and are responsible for supporting funerals, baptisms, and assisting staff during communion.

  • David Arnold

  • Emily Arnold

  • Phylis Bender

  • Debby Berry

  • Vickie Burnett

  • DJ Emerson

  • Steve Gwaltney

  • Melissa Gwaltney

  • Rebecca Haas

  • James Ernest Jones

  • Linda Jones

  • Ron Knight

  • Selina Laws

  • Eric Laws

  • Kevin Mullaney

  • Anne Murdoch

  • Leon Murdoch

  • Kim Norwood

  • Keith Norwood

  • Manna Traas-Chapin

  • Bob West

  • Pat West

  • Patsy Williams

  • Susan Winters

  • Tom Winters

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