Job Title: Minister to Children

Classification: Part Time Ministry

Description: We are searching for a ministry team member whose primary focus will be ministering to children grades 1-5. This position is considered Part time (up to 25 hours).  The Salary Range/Pay Range will be dependent upon the qualifications, experience, and education of the candidate. A formal job description of relevant duties, expectations, and requirements exists and will be provided to candidates upon request and in advance of interviews. Mount Carmel acknowledges that each minister is unique, and we believe that the growth and formation of the church is greatly impacted by ministers that are excited, inspired, and encouraged. We want to hear from you, to learn your story, your passion, your strengths, and weaknesses, so that we can create an environment that is conducive to your success and growth as a minister.

Church Name: Mount Carmel Baptist Church

Church Address: 2016 Mount Carmel Church Rd., Chapel Hill, NC, 27517

Church Phone: 919-933-8565

Contact Name: Brittany Royster

Contact Emailmcbcsearch@gmail.com